Thai Chilli Chicken and Basil

Thai Chilli Chicken and Basil – My mouth waters just thinking about this dish.  It is so full of flavour, really simple to make and looks fantastic.

I have made it twice when we’ve had friends over and it is a hit.  I really hope you try it too!

Thai Chilli Chicken and Basil
Thai Chilli Chicken and Basil


  • 600g skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 onion, peeled and quartered
  • 1 red chilli, deseeded
  • 1½ tablespoon oil
  • 1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce
  • 1 tablespoon kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)
  • 1 large bunch basil
  • 1 bunch coriander (reserve one stalk for serving)
  • 400g coconut milk
  • snow peas
  • beans
  • 1 extra red chilli for serving
  • 300 – 400g jasmine rice
  • 900g water


Cut chicken breast in half lengthwise, then into 1 cm strips, then set aside

Place onion and chilli into thermomix bowl and chop for 5 seconds on speed 7

Add oil and saute for 5 minutes at100°C on speed 1

Add fish sauce, sweet chilli sauce, kecap manis, basil and coriander and cook for 1 minute at Varoma temp on reverse speed 1

Add chicken and coconut milk and cook for 5 minutes at 100°C on reverse speed 1

Place snow peas and beans into varoma dish and steam veggies while the chicken cooks.  Cook for 8 minutes at 100°C on reverse speed 1

Place chicken and veggies into thermoserve to keep hot while you cook the rice.  You can either add the veggies to the chicken or serve them separately.

Rinse thermomix jug.  Measure rice in steamer basket, then rinse under cold water until water runs clear.  Replace steamer basket with rice into jug and add water.  Cook for 15 minutes at Varoma Temp on speed 4

Serve chicken with the rice and garnish with extra coriander and chilli.

Be warned – you wont be able to stop at one bowlful!

Serves 6

Approximate calories per serve: 485

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